1. wolveswolves:

    Canadian timber wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) at Parc Omega Nature Preserve, Canada

    Picture by Rudy Pohl

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    Subtitles are the best part II

    Intensity Intensifies 

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  5. wannajoke:

    Perfectly Looped Groot Dance

  6. woodendreams:

    Mount Rainier, Washington, US (by Ryan Dyar)

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    hdawg1995 :

    expederest :

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?

    was chowder even real?

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  9. inexplicablefeelings:

    *said by me everyday*

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  10. thankyoucorndog:

    This is a comic about my own emotions, made to release my own emotions, and to cope with my own emotions.

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